Shopping Advisor for Men

My personal shopping advice service is all about excellent quality, optimal fit and individual advice to suit your particular needs. For me the latest fashion trends aren’t the be all and end all, it is much more important to find the perfect fit for you!

Your clothing requirements will vary depending on the sort of job you do or what kind of occasion you need an outfit for.

Different criteria will apply to a suit you wear to work or an important interview as oppose to a suit or dinner jacket for your own wedding. Your leisure wear might well be rather sporty and trendy whereas the clothes you wear to work will have to be classic and elegant.

Are you sometimes unsure as to the colours or style that suit you best?

Well, I will be very happy to advise you on this. First of all, the perfect colour for you can be determined from your skin-tone-type. The style of fashion that makes you look your best will have to match your personality. As a general rule, people with a cooler skin undertone will look better in cooler colours. In contrast to this, people with a warmer skin undertone will benefit from warmer colours. Some colours might make you look sallow and pale, others fresh and vibrant. And you will of course save money by avoiding buying mistakes and filling your wardrobe with items you will never wear or never really like.

Are you a man who likes to appear extrovert? Or do you feel more comfortable in understated, conservative outfits? Or perhaps you’re someone who will change their style depending on the occasion. In principle it is not important to put you in a particular category but rather to achieve a complete, harmonious look. That way you will look authentic and be successful.

For each individual, the perfect outfit will look different. Together we will find the right garments that will accentuate your personality.

You don’t have the time or don’t feel like trying on lots of different items? You would rather shop more effectively?

Hardly anyone has a body to fit measurement charts which often makes ordering clothing on the internet rather difficult. Often the measurements for different sizes vary between manufacturers or even within a brand. In addition to that there are a number of different fits, such as “Slim Line” or “Comfort Fit”. As your Personal Shopper I would be happy to find the correct sizes for you. I will help you to find the right outfit in the shortest possible time.

Do you have particular expectations for your shopping tour?

No problem, I will take my cue from you.

  • Would you like to get through your shopping list in the shortest possible time?
  • Would you like to acquire a few key items to spice up or complement your wardrobe with?
  • Or would you like to buy as many items as possible whilst sticking to a fixed budget?

I can take you to specialist shops or famous designer outlets such as Armani, Joop, René Lezard or Boss or others. You can come shopping with me in the Outlet Metzingen, or in Breuningerland Sindelfingen, in Stuttgart or Esslingen. My radius is the greater area of Stuttgart.

  • Are you looking for someone who will provide you with expert, brand-independent advice on buying suits, jackets, trousers, shirts or ties?
  • Would you like to pep up your casual wear?
  • Do you want to find the right clothing to bring out the best in your personality?

ThenShopping for Men is just the place for you.