Personal Shopper

Why book a personal shopper?

Usually men go shopping with their wives or girlfriends and that’s a good thing. Sometimes however they don’t have such a competent shopping partner, or they don’t have time to come along. Or perhaps you’d like to shop as efficiently as possible or need a special outfit for an important occasion: A suit for a wedding or a job interview.

That’s when you would benefit from an independent Personal Shopper by your side.

I can help you find your way around the confusing clothing sizes for men: regular, long, short, collar size, sizes in inches or centimetres… And in addition to that there are the different cuts, fits and materials. Questions such as: When does a suit fit perfectly? Which materials don’t crease? I am here to answer all of those questions.

You might be lucky and find a knowledgeable retail assistant who’ll give you objective advice, but unfortunately you won’t be able to take this person into the next shop with you. That’s a pity because this person now knows your style, your size and your “problem areas”. I will accompany you from one shop to the next, always giving independent advice.

Perhaps you’d like to go bargain hunting and have the Outletcity Metzingenin mind? I will be happy to accompany you and show you where you can find the best deals. I can guide you through the Shopping Outlets so that you can quickly find the outfit you’re looking for; after all, the place is full of clothing that isn’t necessarily presented in a structured way. I will be happy to be your guide and show you where you can find a bargain or two.

What can you expect from me?

In order to get the best possible advice it is first necessary to perform an actual state analysis. Here you are welcome to show me your clothing or pictures thereof. This will help me to determine your type and style.

When you book a Wardrobe-Check, we will go through your wardrobe together and talk about whether your clothing is up-to-date, how well it fits and how you can combine the items you have. And of course we will discuss ideas on possible useful additions to your wardrobe. The result might be a targeted, specific shopping list for you.

If you book Shopping Tour, direct, we will meet up for a coffee and discuss your particular shopping needs. Perhaps you’re aiming to buy a few new suits, a new winter or summer outfit or some additional items to complement the basics you’ve already got. We will visit the appropriate shops depending on what you need.

While we’re out choosing your new outfits I will advise you on signs of good quality, various different cuts and how to care for the garments. By the end of our tour you should have benefited from my knowledge and extended your own. It is my aim to to sharpen your eye and give you a feel for which garments best bring out your personality.

You are most welcome to bring along your partner on our shopping trip. And as a special treat I am offering you a Shopping Day Voucher.

Professionality is the key – my profile

  • My name is Christina Muschong and I have studied business psychology (Advertising and Market Psychology B.A.). My studies centred on the effectiveness of advertising and marketing.
  • I have also completed a course in textile retail and worked as manager in men’s accessories, men’s clothing (Exquisit) and women’s fashion.
  • As an expert in material science I have taught on the subject of textiles and fits.
  • During my time as a buyer for my parent’s businesses I have developed a feel for fashion trends. This instinct helps me to find on-trend fashion items in shops. Mind you – the latest hip trends and fashion colours do not suit everyone. Sometimes it can be better to base shopping decisions on your skin tone as well as advantageous cuts.

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