Shopping Advice Service

Your clothing requirements will vary depending on the sort of job you do or what kind of occasion you need an outfit for. Different criteria will apply to a suit you wear to work or an important interview as oppose to your own wedding for example. Your leisure wear will normally be quite casual whereas your office clothing will have to look business-like.

How can you tell what suits you?

Well, it depends on you type and your personality. There is no such thing as “The Outfit” that suits everyone. Different colours suit different skin tones – some colours will make you look pale and lacklustre; others will give you a fresh, vibrant look.

Do you feel more comfortable in sporty, trendy, showy, classic, elegant or understated clothing? Every individual will have a different ‘ideal’ outfit.

Together we will find clothing that suits you perfectly, whatever your type. For me the key to the perfect look is clothing that accentuates your personality and suits your particular type and that it what I will advise you on.

Do you often have the frustrating experience that either the jacket or the trousers don’t fit properly?

Not many people have a body that’s in line with standard measurements but I can nonetheless help you find the correct size and fit for you.

Sizes often vary between different manufacturers or even within a brand, depending on the particular cut. Sometimes it can even be better to buy tops and bottoms in different sizes in order to show off your proportions to their best advantage.

Would you like your shopping trip to be as efficient as possible?

  • Would you like to get through your shopping list in the shortest possible time?
  • Would you like to acquire a few key items to spice up your wardrobe with?
  • Or would you like to buy as many items as possible whilst sticking to a fixed budget?

No problem, I will guide you according to your needs.

We can explore a wide range of outlets together, from H&M to Boss, Joop and many more.
You can join me for a shopping trip to the Outlet Metzingen or to places like Breuningerland Sindelfingen, Stuttgart or Esslingen, anywhere in the greater area of Stuttgart.